Workshop: Wellness Tools

Wellness Tools Offered in: English and Spanish Trainer: Mayra Rivera Session title Herramientas de Salud: Enfocando en Su Bienestar/ Wellness Tools: Focusing on Self Care Session categoryAuthor/Trainer 9 – Self-care/resiliency for educators Mayra Rivera, MSW Abstract This workshop is designed to inform Early Childhood educators of the impact self-care has when overcoming burnout. Educators will […]

Abstract: A Story of Courage and Survival

Documentary Title  LaVeta: “Get Out – Get Free” A Story of Courage and Survival TopicDirectorProducer  Domestic ViolenceKathern Felton PaigeACTT: Social Change Warriors Abstract A Kathern Felton Paige film explores the domestic violence experiences of a survivor named LaVeta. A woman who relied on her courage and resilience to walk away from her violent past.

Abstract: Working 100 Hours a Week to Just About Make It

Documentary Title  Working 100 Hours A Week to Just About Make It TopicCreator Labour/Economy/WagesReal Stories Abstract According to Dr. Rafael Angulo, Clinical Professor at the University of Southern California (USC), the working class has always been a major theme/topic for filmmakers around the world. In this documentary, families in the UK discuss what it means […]

Workshop: Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Offered in: English  Trainer: Kathern Felton Paige Session title Distracted Driving: Life or Death Session categoryAuthor/Trainer Drivers Education Kathern Felton Paige, MSW Abstract This workshop is designed to inform teenagers and adults on the impact and consequences of driving distracted.  Attendees will increase their knowledge in identifying dangerous behaviors while driving and learn […]

Pandemic Mental Health Burdens on Black and Latino Populations

The COVID-19 pandemic has been at the forefront of public life and medical and mental health for a year. As the world marks this unsettling anniversary, many of the most vulnerable in the population -racial/ ethnic minorities and the poor- fare much worse than their wealthier counterparts.   The following statistics from the Substance Abuse and […]

The Concept of Grand Challenges for Social Work

Who came up with this idea In 1900, German mathematician David Hilbert presented 23 unsolved “mathematical puzzles” to an international society of mathematicians. According to the Grand Challenges for Social Work, his list galvanized the efforts of mathematicians for the next 100 years. It is their belief that we owe the concept of the grand […]

The Global Implications of Algorithm Bias

The prophetic theme of George Orwell’s novel titled, Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984), is that dystopian society is being monitored by Artificial Intelligence at all times.  This fact has definitely become an intrinsic part of our reality, and as we continue moving toward an exclusive reliance on technology to efficiently ease secondary tasks and allowing us time […]

This is What a Desert Looks Like

#foodinsecurity #fooddeserts #itsnotwhatitlookslike #feedamerica #nochildhungry Most Americans today grew up watching commercials on TV asking for donations to feed the hungry children in Africa or Southeast Asia.  Our parents guilted us into finishing our plates, reminding us that kids in far off places were much less fortunate than ourselves.  Make no mistake – those populations […]

Protest Movement Turned into a Commitment to the City’s Homeless

February of 2021, marks the ten year anniversary when thousands of concerned citizens protested with Wisconsin public employees against Governor Scott Walker and the Republican-led legislature moving to limit public employee rights to collective bargaining. These protests merged into the Occupy Madison (OM) movement, which like many other cities in America was in solidarity with […]