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Social Changers Episode 6 : 38,000 Veterans Experencing Homelessness

A panel discussion with Veterans.

Social Changers: Episode 6 – June 29, 2022

January 2010, 76,329 veterans were living in emergency shelter, in transitional housing, or in an unsheltered place (e.g., on the streets, in cars, or in abandoned buildings).

During a 12-month period (October 2009 through September 2010), an estimated 144,842 veterans spent at least 1 night in emergency shelter or transitional housing programs, accounting for 11.5 percent of all homeless adults.

In 2010, homeless veterans accounted for 1 in 150 veterans and about 1 in 9 veterans living in poverty. Most homeless veterans over the course of the year were individuals, living alone without a dependent child (98 percent).
Between 2010 – 2016 the number of homeless veterans was cut in half, but since 2016 – 2022 the progress stalled.

The number has remained consistently at approximately 38,000 homeless Veterans.