Social Change Warriors

Knowledge is power.

Power leads to action.

Action affects change.

Change affects lives.

Let’s work together to fight for social change, dignity, the worth of all people and improved communities. 

Who We Are

A team of social workers with Master’s degrees (MSW) and licensure in social work (LCSW) who work together to produce videocasts, webinars, and written training materials derived from evidenced based research and human interest stories.

Our Mission

To contribute our evidenced based research and human interest stories via informational webinars, videocasts, training materials, written articles, workshops, and documentaries in an effort to educate and train current social workers, nonprofit workers, and community members.

Our Vision

To educate, empower, and inspire change makers and community members doing mission driven work to use the knowledge we shared to create positive sustainable change.

Our Goal

To educate and empower our colleagues and fellow citizens to never give up the fight for social justice, social change, improved communities and the dignity and worth of all people.  

“an idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.”

Arnold Glasow