Who We Are

We are a team of social workers with Master’s degrees (MSW) and licensure in social work (LCSW) who work together to produce videocasts, webinars, and written training materials derived from evidenced based research and human interest stories.

Our Goal

Our goal is to educate and empower our colleagues and fellow citizens to never give up the fight for social justice, social change, improved communities and the dignity and worth of all people. 

Our Mission  

To contribute our evidenced based research and human interest stories via informational webinars, videocasts, training materials, written articles, workshops, and documentaries in an effort to educate and train current social workers, nonprofit workers, and community members. 

Our Vision

To educate, empower, and inspire change makers and community members doing mission driven work to use the knowledge we shared to create positive sustainable change.

Our Motto


Knowledge is power. Power leads to action.  Action affects change. Change affects lives. 

Our Team

  • Our ACTT Social Change Warriors are Masters of Social Work (MSW) trainers who are specialized in macro community social work. 
  • Several members of our team are licensed social workers with experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), marriage counseling, and grief counseling.
  • Several of our team members are Veterans who are Qualified Mental Health Professionals (QMHP) and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors – Level I. 
  • Our SCW team members are educated and trained on the Grand Challenges of Social Work and are prepared to train fellow social workers and community members upon request.
  • Our SCW Team is an intersectionality of the communities we will be collaborating with for social change.

Founder and Director

Kathern Felton Paige – MSW, BA

Master of Social Work (MSW)
University of Southern California
May 2017
Community Organization, Public Planning, Development and Business Innovation

Bachelor of Journalism (B.J.)
University of Wisconsin – Madison
May 1997
Broadcast News and Public Relations

Certified Police Officer
Madison College
May 1998
Police Science

Skilled communicator, active listener, and negotiator, who uses empathy and insight to ensure effective collaboration among individuals and groups, Kathern has a passion to serve communities through knowledge transfer and community organization.

She has 30 years of experience in varied occupations including property management, non-profit organizations, fundraising, community police officer, environmental health and safety officer and macro social work. Her expertise includes community organizing, writing, training, leadership, public relations, MSW field instruction and managing and supervising professional staff.

She employs the philosophy that by using innovation, collaboration and training we can connect the dots among government, communities, businesses, and citizens.

Development Coordinator

Betty Malloy – MSW, BA

Master of Social Work (MSW)
University of Southern California
December 2019
Social Change and Innovation

Bachelor of Psychology
North Carolina Central University
December 1984

Betty has an interest in quality assurance and policy compliance in NGOs. She is an expert in the foundational structure of management and the effective training of staff tasked to carry out the mission of the agency. Responsible for the national accreditation and re-accreditation of seven different NGOs, she ensured the agencies’ doors stayed open for their targeted mental health populations and families.

Betty’s goal is to work with additional agencies and interdisciplinary teams, especially concerning the areas of Smart Decarcerating, Black Women’s Mental Health Issues and Expanding Preventive/Responsive Services for School Counselors.

Content Coordinator

Marie Stamsen – MSW, BS

Master of Social Work (MSW)
University of Southern California
December 2017
Community Organization, Public Planning, Development and Business Innovation

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Colorado State University
December 2013
Applied Social Science & Criminal Justice

The power of change, in today’s digital world, can occur in an instant. Marie’s passion lies in helping organizations to promote their cause and advocacy for change through social media and digital platforms.
She has expertise in helping non-profit organizations, communities, businesses, and individuals to use their voice through the power of the digital platform.

Content Creators

Jannise Johnson – MSW

Master of Social Work (MSW)
University of Southern California

Jannise believes that fear of mental illness and their treatments needs to be eliminated. African American and other communities of color still have higher rates of untreated mental illness and more skepticism about therapy and medications than the dominant population. Her goal is to help end that by using technologies and platforms that can reach multitudes in seconds instead of hours or even days.
A professional writer with almost two decades of experience, her MSW adds client-focused case management and gives her the skills to be analytical yet strategic.

Anna Ribeiro – LMSW, BA

Master of Social Work (MSW)
University of Southern California
May 2020
Social Change and Innovation

Bachelor of Psychology (BA)
University of Arizona
May 2016

A licensed social worker (LMSW), skilled in conducting research and trained in evidence-based practices, Anna is a full-time therapist providing mental health counseling for children and families.

With 5+ years of volunteer experience as a mentor with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and experience in a U.S. Congressional office as a Casework Intern assisting constituents interfacing with various federal agencies, her experience lends to the passion she has for changing current social justice issues through education, advocacy, and action.

Geoffrey Wiggins-Long – MSW, BA

Master of Social Work (MSW)
University of Southern California
May 2019
Social Change and Innovation

Bachelor of Arts Psychology
West Chester University of PA
December 2013

Associates in Science-Liberal Studies
Montgomery County Community College
May 2007

Geoffrey’s passion centers around advocating for issues that will facilitate better life-qualities for differently abled individuals.
One of his long-term goals is to establish a home renovation business, utilizing the concepts of Universal Design, that will allow accessibility for people in wheelchairs and those who have other physical challenges.
Geoffrey believes that everyone, regardless of the type or degree of physical limitation, their age or socioeconomic status, should be able to live in a home without physical barriers.

His objectives are to eliminate the negative stigma held by society at large of people who are differently able; promote the realizations that these individuals need a hand up rather than handouts; and finally, to create opportunities of empowerment, self-sufficiency, dignity, and respect for the community.

Program Advisors

Yesenia Covarrubias, LCSW

Master of Social Work (MSW)
University of Southern California
May 2017
Military and Family Social Work

Bachelor of Sociology (B.A.)
California State University, Northridge
December 2004

Yesenia has been employed with the Department of Veterans Affairs under the Vet Center program as a Readjustment Counselor/Social Worker and Veterans Outreach Specialist for 12 years, providing outreach/education, readjustment counseling, and transfer services to diverse personnel.

As a Veteran and mental health provider, she has used her experience to support, educate, and empower individuals. Yesenia is an instrumental force in developing and implementing events and programs aimed at connecting resources, educating community members, and empowering our Veteran community in maximizing available support.

Rafael C. Frederick- MSW, BS

Master of Social Work (MSW)
University of Southern California
May 2019
Social Change and Innovation

Bachelor’s Degree Social Work
Bridgewater State University
May 2015

Rafael uses his voice to advocate for the issues that affect persons with disabilities.

In 2021, he founded By Your Side Services, LLC, an online agency with the mission to assist persons with disabilities, the elderly, active-duty military personnel, and veterans transitioning to another state within the United States. The agency’s goal is to help them maintain their services and benefits during the re-location.

By Your Side Services, LLC is currently working in partnership with Social Change Warriors.

Adina Beth Rubin – MSW, AOS, BA

Master of Social Work (MSW)
University of Southern California
December 2019
Social Change and Innovation (SCI) & Military and Family Social Work

Associate of Sciences (AOS)
Le Cordon Bleu, Portland, OR
May 2008
Hospitality and Restaurant Management

Bachelor of Theater Arts (B.A.)
California State University, Bakersfield
June 2004
Acting, Directing, Stage Management

Army Veteran – Desert Storm (E2, Disabled)
Ft. Jackson, SC
November 1992
63b – Light-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic

Adina Beth has a passion to awaken individuals to seeing and sharing alternative pathways for creating positive change. By looking within each person can discover how to innovate, collaborate, and create change. Through knowledge transfer and skill building, each person can then expand their own vision of how to help themselves, their families, businesses, and communities overcome challenges.

She is an experienced executive manager and a military veteran, whose professional skills include public speaking, writing, training, public outreach, finance, and accounting.

Robert Sands – MSW, MS, BS

Master of Social Work (MSW)
University of Southern California
May 2019
Social Change and Innovation (SCI) & Military and Family Social Work

Master of Criminology
Columbia Southern University
May 2013
Global Security Infrastructure

Bachelor of Science
American Military University
May 2008
Security Management and Cyber Security

Military (retired)
Various Leadership Positions
April 2014

As a lifelong leader, mentor, counselor for the military, churches and local communities/organizations, Robert strives to make a difference.

He is currently employed with Veterans Affairs helping Veterans and their family members. Robert believes that working with others brings the opportunity to achieve the impossible.