Abstract: A Story of Courage and Survival

Documentary Title  LaVeta: “Get Out – Get Free” A Story of Courage and Survival TopicDirectorProducer  Domestic ViolenceKathern Felton PaigeACTT: Social Change Warriors Abstract A Kathern Felton Paige film explores the domestic violence experiences of a survivor named LaVeta. A woman who relied on her courage and resilience to walk away from her violent past. https://youtu.be/rKEI8mnAcIs

Abstract: Working 100 Hours a Week to Just About Make It

Documentary Title  Working 100 Hours A Week to Just About Make It TopicCreator Labour/Economy/WagesReal Stories Abstract According to Dr. Rafael Angulo, Clinical Professor at the University of Southern California (USC), the working class has always been a major theme/topic for filmmakers around the world. In this documentary, families in the UK discuss what it means […]