Workshop: Wellness Tools

Wellness Tools

Offered in: English and Spanish

Trainer: Mayra Rivera

Session titleHerramientas de Salud: Enfocando en Su Bienestar/ Wellness Tools: Focusing on Self Care
Session category
9 – Self-care/resiliency for educators

Mayra Rivera, MSW
AbstractThis workshop is designed to inform Early Childhood educators of the impact self-care has when overcoming burnout.

Educators will increase their knowledge in identifying stressors, second hand trauma, and compassion fatigue.

It is imperative in the Early Childhood Education field to practice self-care so that our early learners continue to receive a quality education.

In addition, this course will provide examples of realistic self-care expectations along with support in developing a self-care plan that can be implemented in your everyday life.
ObjectivesGoal: Educators will have the knowledge to identify burnout, understand the importance of self-care and create a self-care plan.

1. Provide a brief overview of self-care and emotional intelligence.
2. Increase educator’s knowledge on identifying stressors and burnout.
3. Inform educators of self-care and wellness practices.
4. Develop a self-care plan.
Session style3 – Workshop

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